Fragile is set in the heritage building in the historic heart of Ciutadella, just a stone throw from the Cathedral of Minorca.


What used to be a part of the ancient palace with foundations close to two hundred years old, in 1890 became a home to Marino Benejam Ferrer, Menorcean cartoonist, who's works are known worldwide. Not long after his death, in 1991, house retained abandoned until 2015, when project of regeneration started.


Modern and minimalistic approach brought light and openness to the space and swept away the separation between outside and inside, past and present, creating sort of "space in between" -  space for inorganic and organic interaction.


In 2016 Fragile opened its door for the first time and - with Michelangelo’s Pieta, representation of fragility and transitoriness of life itself as its main symbol -, brought building and its history back to life.

Two years later, in 2018, a regeneration project continued to renovate and restore the rest of the building and open it to the public as a small hotel.



In the period of the past two decades we have all been witnesses of catastrophic consequences of the climate change. For this reason the main motivation of the Fragile project was to work with natural and local materials, collaborating with internationally renown companies that has a low carbon-footprint and work with sustainable materials.


In the Island of Menorca there is no drinkable water and for that reason island vastly relies on the use of plastic. Fragile is trying to reduce this by installing grey and fresh water filtration system which, at the same time, allows to use reusable glass bottles.

The same policy goes for the organic and hand-made amenities  LA BRUKET, by choosing reusable rather than throw away plastic bottles.


Fragile sourced organic and hand-made pillows, mattresses, bath and bed linen from Coco-Mat, a company widely respected for its quality and care for nature.

We are collaborating with local farms and companies, sourcing organic fresh produce to offer you the best of Menorca.  - Raw materials eaten close to their growing site are, at the same time, an incentive to respect origins and traditions.


Luxury is not about appearances, on the contrary, it is about being understood, finding satisfaction in the small details and gathering inspiration through artistic expression.


The journey crafted at Fragile Hotel touches both the ancient and the contemporary with the additional privilege of becoming part of a community of illuminated travellers who today, when fragility of life speaks louder to us than ever, wishes to experience unique, genuine, extraordinary and priceless moments.

Thats why unprecedented criteria of personalisation is a centre of our philosophy. We take our time to advise you on the most secret and unique parts of the Island, best adventures that suits you style and pursue our interest to help you in the bast way we can for you to go back home with a memory of a beautiful experience you will never forget.