Hotel Fragile is set in the 18th century heritage building, nestled between rows of shops, boutiques and cafes, along the medieval streets of the city's antique quarter and just a stone throw from the Cathedral of Minorca. 

In 1890 house became a home to Marino Benejam Ferrer, Menorcean cartoonist, who's works are known worldwide. As an integral part of the house’s own history, art continued to be a part of the Fragile journey.  - Right from the beginning, when we first opened as a Cafe and an Art Gallery, to where the project got its final shape as a hotel. 

From contemporary art pieces that embellish walls of rooms and lobby, to more classical pieces like Michelangelo’s Pieta, that greatly inspired a mural in our dinning area, shaped prints for Room Brochures and Breakfast Menus and embroideries for our Room Signs. As a representation of fragility and transitoriness of life itself, it stands as a main emblem for our name and concept.

The journey crafted at Fragile Hotel touches both, the ancient and the contemporary. It has been lovingly restored  with a modern approach that brought to the space light and openness, swept away the separation between outside and inside, past and present, creating a sort of "space in between" -  space for inorganic and organic interaction. 

Rooms have been kept to their original layout, creating intimate and precious spaces where echoes of the distant past resonate through contemporary details. Overall clean, minimalistic design might represent a stark difference from the historical interiors that once existed here, but with the city’s historical landmarks in full view from the windows, one can not help but feel a sanctuary and tranquility of the ancient era. 


Fragility of life relates to many aspects of our existence, more so through repeated catastrophic consequences of climate change all around the globe. 

Without making a compromise on design and style, the main motivation of our project was to collaborate with internationally renowned companies, respected for their care for nature. One of such companies is Coco-Mat, from where our ultra-comfy pillows and mattresses come from, along with their bath, bed linen and other sleeping accessories, made from sustainably sourced organic cotton. 

As the fresh groundwater in Menorca is undrinkable, the island vastly relies on the use of plastic. By installing grey and fresh water filtration systems, and using refillable shower bottles, we are hoping to bring those figures down.

We are collaborating with local farms, sourcing organic fresh produce, as we believe that raw materials eaten close to their growing site represent an incentive to respect the origins and traditions.


The same concept applies to our idea of hospitality. We believe luxury is not only about appearances. First and most of all is about being understood, finding satisfaction in the small details, gathering inspiration through artistic expression. That's why unprecedented criteria of personalisation is a centre of our philosophy. We take our time to advise our guests on the most secret and unique parts of the Island, best adventures suiting their style. 

It is our additional privilege of becoming part of a community of illuminated travellers who today, when the fragility of life speaks louder to us than ever, wishes to experience unique, genuine, extraordinary and priceless moments.


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