Complete your experience of Menorca by viewing it from the sea and explore amazing Menorcean North Coast and its virgin coves.

We are collaborating with Llatinaboats from Fornells, a company committed to the Biosphere Reserve of Menorca that encourages tourist experience connected to the natural landscape and maritime heritage of the Island, in harmony with a sustainable setting. ​

Their boats are small jewells, designed with the amazing amount of space and amenities of a luxury boat, while staying true to the original features of a traditional fisherman boat.

​They have boats in their fleet available WITH or WITHOUT licence required.

Should you be interested, please give us a bell or drop us an email and we will happily give you all information needed.


Some of the most beautiful and hidden beaches of Menorca do not provide food and drink service. That's why we collaborate with Piqniq, another company with sustainability in mind, truthful to local and organic produce.

They specialize in healthy food prepared to be enjoyed on the beach, on the boat, in the kayak, while gazing at the sunset or anywhere for you to sit, relax and enjoy beautiful views of Menorcas landscape.

They offer a wide variety of dishes, not short of vegetarian and vegan options, everything nicely packed in ecological emballage.

They even provide a cooling bag so everything stays fresh till you are ready to enjoy it.

If you order their picnic with us, everything will be delivered to the doorstep of our hotel, ready for you as you go and explore the Island.


Enjoy a moment of relaxation in a privacy of your room.

Albert , our masseur, is a certified therapist with over 10 years of experience. His approach follows soft and deep tissue manipulation and incorporates holistic elements such as basic Reiki and traditional Chinese medicine concepts with relaxing techniques of the classic oil massage to relieve overall pain and achieve a relaxing session, releasing muscle tensions and re-equilibrating your energies.

For more details and price list, write to us or ask at the reception.