In a time when everything runs fast and stays on the surface, taking a moment has a deeper meaning.

All rooms at the Fragile Hotel have been restored to their original layout, each one of them designed with its own unique style and personality.
White-washed walls and overall clean, minimalistic, yet, with Venetian terrazzo flooring, still somewhat elegant design, stands as a juxtaposition to historical features, creating intimate spaces, where echoes of the distant past resonate through contemporary details.
High-quality furnishings with touches of edgy industrialism might represent a stark difference from the interiors that once existed here, but with the city’s historical landmarks in full view from the windows, one can not help but feel a sanctuary and tranquility of the ancient era.
Every detail is taken care of with the utmost attention, starting from quality of sleep, made special thanks to the hand-made mattresses and pillows by COCO-MAT, a company widely respected for its superb quality and sustainably sourced natural materials.
The walls of rooms are embellished with works of art by international contemporary artists.
There is a bluetooth sound system in each room so you can play your favourite music and a smart television with wide selection of movies and series.
The experience is finally enriched by La Bruket hand-made organic amenities and the finest organic cotton bed and bath linen.